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Park Home Living

Park Home living offers a secure, affordable and peaceful environment with friendly neighbours and attractive surroundings.

Park Home LivingReleasing your capital by selling your bricks and mortar property gives you a unique chance to live your dream!

To put it simply, buying a park home means your money goes a lot further. Park homes are nothing more than factory built bungalows, with the cost saving over bricks and mortar construction shared with you the buyer.

Modern Park Homes look just like traditional detached bungalows and are spaciously designed, built to the highest specification and sited on an individual plot.

Homes are delivered fully furnished with a choice of fixtures, fittings, colours, carpets and curtains ready for you to move in and enjoy the Park Home lifestyle.

Park homes are usually sited together, creating developments for the over 50s. This means by buying a park home you’ll be joining a community of like minded people. Because many folk downsize to a park home when planning their retirement, they also usually have some money left in the bank from the sale of the family home. As you might imagine, this means you’ll have neighbours who go out and enjoy life, rather than spend their day complaining over the garden fence!

Because of a quirk in British planning law, park home estates are often situated in beautiful settings and we are no exception. These are usually places where traditional housing development just would not be allowed. This is because planners consider park homes to be ‘mobile homes.’ In fact look behind the brick skirting of any park home and you’ll see the wheels used to transport the home during manufacture. They are left on to comply with planning law; that said, once sited they are to all intents and purposes permanent.

In recent years the park home industry has moved on leaps and bounds and the homes are now far more sophisticated and well-built. If you’re moving to a park home from house more than 30 years old, then the chances are your new home will be better insulated, more efficiently heated and far more comfortable than your current home.

All Park Home owners pay a pitch fee, which covers the right to keep their home on the park, maintenance of the communal roads, street lighting and services.

Council tax is payable at the lowest band.

Electricity, Gas and Water charges depend on the chosen Park, as some are connected to the mains and billed directly from the supplier, while some are metered by the Park Owner. If there is no mains Gas available (generally in rural locations) LPG is supplied via tanks. LPG is more expensive than natural gas.

Modern Park Homes are very well insulated and can require less heating than a conventional bricks and mortar property.

Residential park homes are built to BS3632 and as such are of a high standard.

Many park home owners find them really easy to run and really practical to live in.

In future years you may need to allow a little for an exterior coat just as you would in a brick-built home, and a chassis check further down the line but nothing too costly.

Park Homes present a really economical, maintenance free and worry-free way of living.

What is included in the price of a new Park Home?

All prices include siting of your Home, Driveway, Brick Skirt and Steps, Garage (if applicable) and connection to Services.To reserve a Plot on any of our Parks, a 20% non refundable deposit is required. The final price depends on the make, model and size of Park Home and any extras chosen at time of ordering from the Manufacturer. Your Home will then be built to your specification and transported to the Park ready for you to move in.

How long do Park Homes last?

All new Park Homes are supplied with a 10 year warranty. New homes require very little maintenance, with only external painting required every 2-3 years. Current lifetime estimates by manufacturers are around 50-60 years. Older homes may require re-roofing or re-cladding and we recommend that work is undertaken by specialist a Park Home refurbishment company.

Can I live in a Park Home all year round?

Yes, Our Parks have permanent residential licences, issued by the Local Authority.

Do I own the land?

No, you are granted a licence for the use of the land for which the Park Home is sited on (The Plot) indefinitely, the Park Home itself is fully owned by the purchaser. The licence lasts for the lifetime of the home, and current estimates by manufacturers are around 50-60 years.

Are pets and children allowed?

We welcome pets with prior agreement of the Park Owner, and if kept within the Park rules. Our Parks do not permit children to be resident on the Park. But they can of course visit and stay for a period of time, for example grandchildren visiting for the holidays.

Can Park Homes be resold?

Yes, Park Homes can be sold on the open market and marketed through Estate Agents. Calladine’s Park Homes are entitled to a commission of the sale, which currently stands at 10%. This covers the likely increase in the value of the land, and the ongoing investment in the upkeep of the Park community. When a buyer is found, the seller must inform Calladine’s Park Homes and provide information to ensure that the buyer is suitable.